Saturday, March 14, 2015

Day 1: Through Rain or Shine

Our team has successfully travelled through the pouring rain to make it to beautiful Topsail, North Carolina! We stopped for lunch right over the Virginia-North Carolina border for some sandwiches and much needed leg-room. Parts of the way we could barely see through the rain, but Shannon, Anna W., and Boots did an amazing job getting us all here safely!

We cooked pizza for dinner (shout out to ILS for providing the pizza crust and sauce) and had a really great time eating together and getting to know each other better. Also, we had a wonderful, belated surprise for Shannon’s birthday; the singing was beautiful and the baby cupcakes were delicious.

The sun began shining just in time for our participants to walk down to the beach. 
We had a fun reflection tonight involving setting ground rules, reviewing the schedule for the week, and sharing stories of our lives and writing down our first impressions of each other.

Everyone is super excited to get to work with the sea turtles starting at 8 am tomorrow morning! It makes us so happy to hear our participants laughing and getting to know each other already. Life and The Princess Diaries have already begun as well.

We are all settling in well and are so excited for a week of service learning!

~Shannon and Nicole Moy

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